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Soft floor covering

A wide choice of aesthetic and practical flooring that plays with the decorative trend


Our offer:

Our professional soliers teams lay a multitude of flexible flooring for your interior design, to discover in our PRC Quimper or Raub Lannion showrooms, or to buy directly in our two stores.

Aesthetic, practical, durable and easy to clean floors among:

  •  PVC or vinyl floors: a must-have decoration material imitating parquet, tile, concrete, cement tiles and many other materials, in slabs, slabs, rollers
  • Linoleum flooring: composed of natural materials, offering hygienic, antistatic and wear-resistant properties
  • Carpets in tiles or strips: natural materials (wool) or synthetic, they are available in a multitude of colours and patterns for a comfortable and warm appearance
  • Carpet carpet: choose your material (shaggy, curly, velvet, tufted, woven flat), your colour, your finish with a ribbon or ribbon and we will create your own carpet precisely tailored to the style of your interior
  • Entrance mats: technical absorbent, scratch-resistant, drying, anti-slip and customisable technical products available in various colours, materials for private or professional use (custom made, free-standing or flush-mounted)
  • Other coatings: coconut, sisal, sea rush, rubber, resins, complex and innovative products: let us know your wishes


Our services:

  • Our design offices, used to work with architects on complex building sites, identify your needs and offer you technical advice and recommendations according to your needs: homes, commercial premises, industrial buildings, offices, schools…
  • Preparation of the substrates: levelling, waterproofing barriers, screed…
  • Covering of existing asbestos soils: trained and authorized personnel,
  • Recommendations for adapted soils
  • Recommendations and work to bring the premises up to standard in accordance with accessibility regulations
  • Professional and technically adapted products for every type of construction site and use
  • Biennial guarantee according to the nature of the work
  • Free estimate following a visit

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