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Our Human Resources Policy

Since their creation, our societies have chosen to place human value at the centre of their concerns.

Human resources management policy


Training companies:

  • Frequent use of apprenticeship and professionalization contracts
  • Significant ongoing training efforts (engine operation, intervention in an asbestos environment, environmental regulations, etc.)
  • Development of skills: site supervision, tutoring…



Human resources management:

  • Human resources management policy (position descriptions, annual job reviews, training)
  • Use of permanent contracts and fixed-term contracts only (no posted workers)


Diversity and gender equality

diversity :

  • Six out of seven companies meet their obligation to employ disabled workers
    Consideration of accessibility issues in the work (adapted thresholds, etc.)
  • Permanent employment of one or more employees in integration (via the Geiq Brest and/or the Geiq Quimper)
  • Use of generation contracts

Gender equality :

Mixed Governance and Management Committee:

3 women and 3 men
Gender equality agreement