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Our values

Family owned companies, Raub, MC, PRC place quality, environment and attachment to the territory at the heart of their values.

Quality at every stage

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  • Customer quality:
    Advice before drawing up estimates; commitment on prices and deadlines, biennial or ten-year guarantee according to the realizations
  • Product quality:
    Technal approved aluminier, Qualimarine and Qualicoat certified; Rehau quality (PVC), NF CSTBat certified; Cekal and Acotherm certified glazing; top-of-the-range paints and floor coverings
  • Process quality:
    System, person in charge and quality procedures; compliance with the DTU (Unified Technical Documents) and recommendations of the CSTB (Centre scientifique et technique du Bâtiment); process adapted for interventions in specific environments (asbestos, lead paint, work at height,…)
  • The certification of know-how:
    19 Qualibat certifications; NF/CSTB PVC Certification; Socotec Technal aluminium certification


The environment at all times

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CO2 emissions/world average
  • The choice of materials:
    Technal aluminium manufactured at 75% from hydraulic energy (70% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the world average); high-performance PVC with high thermal performance contributing to the reduction of greenhouse effects; depolluting paints (with formaldehyde capture) and low VOC content (Volatile Organic Components)
  • Implementation:
    compliance with the latest standards: RT 2012 (thermal regulation 2012); Certification of know-how RGE (Reconnu Grenelle de l’ Environnement), Pros of energy performance; Building with the Environment
  • Recycling:
    use of recycled aluminium in Technal joinery, PVC windows 100% recyclable Rehabilitation PVC windows
  • Waste treatment:
    green contract; sorting and recycling of construction site waste (aluminium, PVC, glass, packaging, etc.) in conjunction with specialised companies holding regulatory authorisations
  • Environmental certification:
    European eco-label (EU Regulation 880/92) issued by Afnor, taking into account the entire product life cycle
  • Citizen engagement:
    print reduction; responsible printing policy (black-and-white and duplex priority)




L’attachement au territoire 

Permanent direct jobs
  • The choice of “Product Near You”:
    decision making centre in Brittany (Brest); manufacturing “near you” in Guilers, Lannion, Quimper from profiles manufactured in France (Technal, Rehau); installation or application by salaried staff residing on site (no “posted workers”); 230 permanent direct jobs.
  • Human resources development:
    apprenticeship, professionalization and generation contracts; continuing training; permanent employment of one or more employees in integration (via Geiq Brest and/or Geiq Quimper); employment of disabled workers; parity Governance and Management Committee; gender equality agreement
  • The choice of local commitment:
    Founding member of the Quality Club; Sustainable Development Club; Employers’ Association for the integration and qualification of Brest and Quimper; Mandates: Chamber of Commerce and Industry, French Building Federation, Regional Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Association for Management…